Hoagies Are the Best!

My hometown of Lock Haven (Pennsylvania) has some really terrific food that cannot be found anywhere else. Whenever I make a return trip home, eating the food ranks right up there with seeing family and friends. Well, being a foodie and all, what else would you expect??

But seriously, there are just some things that cannot be recreated anywhere else that makes it taste just like home. One of those things, for me, is the sandwich otherwise known as the: Hoagie. A hoagie is known by many other names, depending on where you’re from. You may have heard it called a sub, a grinder, or a hero, and possibly others that I’m not aware of. However, none of those taste anywhere near as delicious as a Hoagie! Really!!!

HoagiesI recently had the opportunity to visit my hometown this past holiday season and the first thing up on my must do list (once everything opened up again…) was to eat a hoagie. Nevermind that I’m trying to be gluten free, I was totally prepared to be uncomfortable for a week because I was going to eat as many hoagies as I could!! (And I did…)

I was quite disappointed to find that many of my favorite sub shops had closed up and the choices had Pizza Housenarrowed way down. I am quite picky as to how my hoagie is prepared and I’m very cautious in trying new places, so I was pleased to find at least one familiar shop, located in Dunnstown, was still operating, albeit under a new name and ownership since I had been there last.  To my relief, the Pizza House prepared my Turkey Hoagie almost exactly as my memory has remembered. The only difference was that they added black pepper, which is not one of the original ingredients included when you used to ask for a hoagie with “everything”. I’m not keen on black pepper on my sandwiches, but many are, so I didn’t hold that against them. I just knew the next time I ordered, I just wouldn’t have that included. The other key to ordering a hoagie with “everything” is that it must have the crushed red peppers on it (not the banana peppers). In my opinion, those little zippy peppers are what make the sandwich complete! My husband had the Cheese Steak hoagie, which is my second favorite, and he had no complaints at all.

Hoagie BiteMy first bite was heaven!!!!! I so did a happy dance while sitting in my chair after that first bite!!

Here’s another unique thing about the Pizza House – they sell beer too! Besides being able to eat a quick lunch or supper there, it’s also a one-stop place for your “need a quick meal night” or “game night with friends”. Besides the delicious hoagies choices, there are other options on their menu too. They have pizza (by the slice or whole), chicken wings, and a variety of poppers, just to name a few things. You can pick up your favorite six-pack, potato chips, and your meal all in one easy stop. Even my 90 year old grandfather enjoys the food – he chowed down on some mild chicken wings without batting an eye. To heck with his “diet”, he says! (Like he needs to diet at his age…)Hot Wings

If you ever have the chance to travel through Central PA, perhaps for a Penn State game, you must stop by the Pizza House and try a hoagie for yourself. I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

All in all, I was very glad the Pizza House was open and making the hoagies that I remember from my childhood growing up in Lock Haven. The employees are great! Everyone that we met while visiting was very friendly and welcoming to all that came in. They definitely helped make my visit back home all the more enjoyable! Now, if they would just deliver to Georgia, they would be uber awesome!! LOL

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  1. Teri says:

    I LOVE a good hoagie! Wish I had one right now! Great post – made my mouth water!

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